Ana Mandara

Location: Surprise, Arizona

Project Type: Master Plan

Area: 220 acres


Description: This mixed use, master plan concept is based on sustainable community planning principles. The project concept was developed during a two-day design charette and incorporates a significant active and passive Sonoran Desert open space network, connecting a mixture of multi-family and single family residential housing concepts to multiple parks and recreation opportunities, neighborhood commercial, and big box retail shopping. This master plan was designed to reduce initial site grading and infrastructure costs by integrating the community design with the natural landscape, drainage patterns, and topography. This concept includes 40 acres of commercial land with over 360,000 sf, a three acre fire service parcel, and 1,250 dwelling units for an overall density of 6 dwellings per acre. The project services include design guidelines, landscape palette, and a planned area development code.

This project was prepared during employment with another firm.